Disappointing day/ first world problem.

This blog is back up and running, I don’t know how frequently it will be updated, but I’m back.

For those of you who weren’t reading my from the start, I’ve deleted all my previous posts, as they only featured uni work – which I’m sure you loved.

Being a student means that you get familiar with websites that e-mail you the newest offers and freebies available.

Well, every now and then I like clicking through them and get some tea samples sent for free. However I extremely like trying makeup samples, so every time makeup is involved, I just can’t stop myself. I. MUST. TRY. IT.

SI heard about Benefit‘s online game to advertise their new product, Big Easy. You basically had to play, Tweet your score and a Benefit rep would Tweet back with a voucher that would give you a free foundation sample and “makeupper” at a Benefit counter.

I decided to take a break from uni work (please somebody save me!!) and I went into town, ready to get my free sample. The girl at the Benefit counter sat me down, applied the new complexion perfector, did some small talk. Then she put a bit of blusher on my cheeks, filled in a form with the products she used on me and I left.

I FORGOT MY SAMPLE. Or maybe, she forgot to give me one. The point is, I’ll never be able to try it for a whole week – or more – and review it on my blog like I dreamed.

So far the new Big Easy seems to be working pretty well. My complexion has stayed the same colour the whole afternoon (hurray!) and my cheeks haven’t gone red yet.

I find the product slightly oily on my already oily nose, but it hasn’t made my cheeks feel dry and it does look natural.

Unfortunately, this will have to be the only -short- review you’ll get on this product. I felt too embarrassed to let her know that sample was the whole point of me getting out of the house!!


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