Hello, ciao, salut, hola!

Before I start explaining this blog, I thought a few things about me will help.

I am half Italian and half “Sammarinese” (=someone who lives in the Republic of San Marino). But I live in London.

At 16 I decided to embark on an adventure called exchange year, living for 10 months in a small town near Birmingham, hosted by an English family that welcomed me as their own daughter. Needless to say, I fell in love with England and I came back to continue my studies.

I’m currently a second-year Journalism student in this fabulous, multicultural city, but I’m not your ordinary student. Or your ordinary Italian, if that’s possible.

I love travelling, photography, Coldplay, shopping and…Food!

Although I am a student, I still am Italian in my heart, and the love of good food is something I will never lose.

So whilst my peers are busy working out what to wear for their next night out, here I am, all happy because I’ve learned to make my own granola.

This blog will be a mix of everything about me. All the little things that make life easier and that I am more than happy to share with you.

I like being as eco-friendly as possible – but I don’t like hugging trees because I’m scared I’ll end up with some random bugs on my clothes. And I love fashion and makeup, especially the tricks I find on the internet to make my daily routine quicker.

Because I’m a journalism student, I believe being informed about what’s happening around me is important. So sometimes I might end up talking about my opinion on the world.

But I’d  like to focus on my love of food too. I tend to stick to low-faff recipes with ingredients that are usually in everybody’s cupboard.

I also enjoy improvising in the kitchen and see what comes out. Sometimes it doesn’t work out as I expected, but as long as it’s edible… ;)

And I don’t always follow recipes religiously. Once you start cooking you’ll find out that you can substitute things and get the same results. I usually start with a recipe but then I go my own way, because I’m creative and that’s what I do. If you do that as well, then you’re more than welcome to share your twist on classic recipes! :)


I’d rather be a comma than a full stop.