Diorskin Star Foundation – Review

Nearly one month ago I mentioned getting a sample of Dior’s new foundation, Diorskin Star.

I have finally managed to try it so here’s what I think of it.

At first:

The sample comes in a nice little pot – which will honestly last me for two months. The foundation comes in 16 different shades, to suit most skin types.


The shade I have is 013 DUNE. It looks quite pale compared to my arm but my face is paler than the rest of my body, so it does match my skin.


I applied the foundation with Model’s Own Foundation Brush (£7.99) and set it with T. Leclerc’s Translucide loose powder (£36).

I found Diorskin Star quite hard to apply, the texture looks light but compared to Diorskin Nude (my daily foundation), I need to use more product to cover my whole face.

The coverage is good, not too heavy which is what I was looking for as I want a natural overall look. But then again, my skin does not have any major problems to cover up so I don’t know how good it will be in covering blemishes or spots. Other reviews suggest it covers some things but not everything so I wouldn’t recommend to those who would like a heavier coverage.

The other amazing thing about Diorskin Star is that it smells SO good!!

After some hours: 

The foundation settled quite nicely and it doesn’t look too heavy. However, as I sometimes find with my daily foundation Diorskin Nude, it dries my skin too much. It may be just because I have dry skin, but if you have the same skin type as me, you may feel the same.


Diorskin Star is described as “the first brightening foundation”, which is quite true as my skin looks brighter. It also promises that the ingredients will “help reduce the appearance of dark areas, pigment spots and redness“. As my main skin problem is redness, it’s true, I’m not red, although my skin feels tight.

So does Diorskin Star win against Diorskin Nude? In my opinion, Diorskin Nude is better in applying and coverage as well as leaving a natural finish. They both dry my skin but I feel Star dries it a bit more than Nude.

In the end, I think I’ll stick to Diorskin Nude and recommend Star to those who don’t suffer from dry skin, I’m sure they will love it as much as other reviewers have!!



I have taken a Summer break from the blog because I felt like I should have a bit of planning about the direction I want this blog to take.

So I sat down, thought about new posts I could come up with, my camera is now fully charged and I can’t wait to share with my readers (hopefully not just my mum and dad) other bits of my life.

I got new makeup samples to try and review for you, as well as recipes I’d love to share with you. So you can impress your family and friends with easy and low-faff recipes that look and taste amazing!

Here’ s a little sneak peek: in this month’s Glamour I found a voucher for a free sample of Diorskin Star foundation. All I had to do was go to the my nearest Dior makeup counter with the voucher… But I will tell you all about it once I had the chance to try it. In the meantime, I recommend you watch Diorskin Star – The Making of, just because Natalie Portman looks divine and don’t we all wish to look half as beautiful as her?

Lashem 3-in-1 eye bright

Picture: x

Let me introduce you to the latest addition in my makeup back: Lashem 3-in-1 eye bright.

This product has a light, gel-like texture that I particularly like, as it means it won’t look to heavy on your skin and won’t take too much time to dry out.

As you apply it, you may feel a little tingle underneath your eyes, but it’s a pleasant one that means the product is working. Sometimes eye creams/serums just go into your eyes and they hurt like hell!!

This eye cream promises to lift, firm and brighten your dark circles as well as “decrease redness and puffiness” and decrease fine lines. I must admit, I was a bit sceptic that it would work.

I have first tried it two days ago, I applied it following the instructions on the box: at night, after taking makeup off and I have since been using it every night religiously.

After the first night, the most stunning improvement was that my eyes looked less tired, but that was it. Having been using it for three days in a row I can see tiny improvements. Obviously, creams don’t work overnight so I wasn’t expecting it to make a massive difference. I do believe the change will be noticeable after using it constantly for a longer period of time.

So far, I can say I’m happy with this product. It comes in a 15ml tub for $40,00 and you only need a tiny bit for both of your eyes, so I’m sure it’s a long-lasting product.

This is a picture of my eye with no makeup. As you can see, my dark circles need some help – imagine hay fever, getting a bit stressed out because I’m moving out soon, the end of university… Well, you get the idea!!


**This product was sent to me by Chrislie Formulations to review. This does NOT affect my opinion in reviewing the product.**

Disappointing day/ first world problem.

This blog is back up and running, I don’t know how frequently it will be updated, but I’m back.

For those of you who weren’t reading my from the start, I’ve deleted all my previous posts, as they only featured uni work – which I’m sure you loved.

Being a student means that you get familiar with websites that e-mail you the newest offers and freebies available.

Well, every now and then I like clicking through them and get some tea samples sent for free. However I extremely like trying makeup samples, so every time makeup is involved, I just can’t stop myself. I. MUST. TRY. IT.

SI heard about Benefit‘s online game to advertise their new product, Big Easy. You basically had to play, Tweet your score and a Benefit rep would Tweet back with a voucher that would give you a free foundation sample and “makeupper” at a Benefit counter.

I decided to take a break from uni work (please somebody save me!!) and I went into town, ready to get my free sample. The girl at the Benefit counter sat me down, applied the new complexion perfector, did some small talk. Then she put a bit of blusher on my cheeks, filled in a form with the products she used on me and I left.

I FORGOT MY SAMPLE. Or maybe, she forgot to give me one. The point is, I’ll never be able to try it for a whole week – or more – and review it on my blog like I dreamed.

So far the new Big Easy seems to be working pretty well. My complexion has stayed the same colour the whole afternoon (hurray!) and my cheeks haven’t gone red yet.

I find the product slightly oily on my already oily nose, but it hasn’t made my cheeks feel dry and it does look natural.

Unfortunately, this will have to be the only -short- review you’ll get on this product. I felt too embarrassed to let her know that sample was the whole point of me getting out of the house!!

BB creams: do we need them?

I have never understood what BB creams are. Are they foundations? Are they coloured creams?

By definition, BB stands for “Blemish Base” and it’s supposed to act both as a moisturiser and a foundation, it promises to cover spots and imperfections as well as making a good make up base.

I was sceptical about this miracle-like product, but I decided to give it a try anyway. I chose Rimmel BB Cream 9-in-1 skin perfecting super makeup: it comes in two shades, Medium and Light. I bought the light version due to my fair complexion.

Image (Picture: x )

At first:

After applying moisturiser (Brightening Cream by Sensai Kanebo), I applied the BB cream with my flat foundation brush: the shade is a bit too dark for my pale complexion but blends in easily and covers my imperfections. The texture is smooth, thick and a bit too oily. I also applied T. Leclerc’s Translucent powder on top, to help the cream settle.

After some hours: 

The cream started to settle and the oily texture had gone, giving my skin a matte finish, but the colour still looked fairly darker than my complexion. My pores were visibly minimised and my skin didn’t feel dry at all.However, this review proves it wrong. Applying a good moisturiser first may be a solution if you feel your skin gets extremely dry.


This cream promises good finish, perfect coverage and smooth complexion. I found it’s true: my skin looked flawless! However, I haven’t got any major problems to minimise or cover, so I’m not sure how helpful it would be to hide bigger issues. I also want to point out this cream is not listed as one of the top 10 best high street BB creams so clearly there are better ones around, suitable for different types of skin.

It’s a good make up base, I wore the cream in the morning and I took it off late at night and my make up still looked perfect. I particularly liked the SPF 25, as it protected my skin from the cold.

I didn’t like the oily, thick texture as I’m a fan of lighter ones, and I also wasn’t amazed by having to wait an hour for the cream to settle. I’m also not sure what effect it would have on my skin if I wore it everyday (I’m too scared to try that!), however it’s good to wear on special days when you need your make up to stay in place for a long time.

So in the end, my BB cream experience wasn’t bad at all, although I prefer having to wear moisturiser, primer and foundation separately, rather than one cream that does it all!

If you want to find out more about BB creams, I suggest checking out Vogue‘s top 10 best ones in the make up industry, which are pretty much the same as Marie Claire‘s.