Lashem 3-in-1 eye bright

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Let me introduce you to the latest addition in my makeup back: Lashem 3-in-1 eye bright.

This product has a light, gel-like texture that I particularly like, as it means it won’t look to heavy on your skin and won’t take too much time to dry out.

As you apply it, you may feel a little tingle underneath your eyes, but it’s a pleasant one that means the product is working. Sometimes eye creams/serums just go into your eyes and they hurt like hell!!

This eye cream promises to lift, firm and brighten your dark circles as well as “decrease redness and puffiness” and decrease fine lines. I must admit, I was a bit sceptic that it would work.

I have first tried it two days ago, I applied it following the instructions on the box: at night, after taking makeup off and I have since been using it every night religiously.

After the first night, the most stunning improvement was that my eyes looked less tired, but that was it. Having been using it for three days in a row I can see tiny improvements. Obviously, creams don’t work overnight so I wasn’t expecting it to make a massive difference. I do believe the change will be noticeable after using it constantly for a longer period of time.

So far, I can say I’m happy with this product. It comes in a 15ml tub for $40,00 and you only need a tiny bit for both of your eyes, so I’m sure it’s a long-lasting product.

This is a picture of my eye with no makeup. As you can see, my dark circles need some help – imagine hay fever, getting a bit stressed out because I’m moving out soon, the end of university… Well, you get the idea!!


**This product was sent to me by Chrislie Formulations to review. This does NOT affect my opinion in reviewing the product.**